Devil's Destiny: Part 3
Sonya looked at the heavy script in her hands, and realized just how much trouble she'd gotten herself into. 'Something tells me this is gonna be one helluva case.'

"I told you, once you're in, you stay in. You can just turn your back on the Federation and walk out! This is your life duty!" the older but still well toned gentleman shouted from his desk. His hair was a dark brown that fell around his face in thick strands. Blue green eyes flashed with anger, and his small mouth and full pale lips were twisted in rage. He would have been considered handsome if not for the age lines peaking from around his eyes. The younger private, who was also handsome with well trimmed dirty blonde hair and crisp blue eyes, stood unfazed.

"Your federation has been playing me since day one. It's nothing but a conspiracy to deny the truth that you are planning on poisoning the entire district to make some kind of superhuman clone for every person alive to play your foot soldiers in a war that's never going to end!"

"You rat bastard-"

"Forgive me, sir, for my freedom of speech, but I'm gone, and as far as I'm concerned, you, your fag lackeys," he pointed to the young servicemen around him who stood motionless and silent, "and your entire corporation can go fuck a porcupine!" With that, the handsome colonel turned sharply on his heel, walked out of the office, and slammed the door behind him with a satisfying BANG.

"Cut!" A siren blared and people began hurrying about the place, fixing sets and touching up makeup. "Perfect scene, thank God, now we can move onto the elevator." Johnny sighed with relief and pulled off his military jacket. Behind him came the older gentleman he argued with, and as a wide smile crossed his face, he slapped the action actor on the back hard.

"Thank God that's over with. Now maybe we can actually get into some fighting instead of all this oral bureaucratic horse shit." Johnny laughed.

"You're damn right, Rick." Johnny looked at his best friend and co-worker as they walked over to the table for a cup of coffee. "I'm so sick of all this talk talk talk. I want to get into some action. That's what this movie is about, man!"

"Relax, Carlton, things will move along." Johnny groaned.

"Don't call me that, I hate that name," he whined. Rick laughed heartily.

"You should do more parts as a five year old, you whine so well." Johnny tossed a fake punch at his head, and Rick ducked, turned, and put Johnny in a headlock. The actor struggled a bit. "Oh, I can't believe I just got you so good. Come on, Johnny Carlton, I thought you were better than that!"

"Yeah, so did I." Johnny's eyes shifted at the sound of a woman's voice, and his face went frigid as he saw Sonya standing with her arms crossed and her eyebrow pointed up in a sarcastic look.

"Well, well, hello there, Miss." Rick let John go and practically pushed him to the floor as he moved to shake the beautiful woman's hand.

"Hello," she said shortly, but her tone hinted at sweetness.

"Hello, she says. Allow me to introduce myself." He pulled her hand to his lips and briefly kissed the knuckle of her middle finger. "Richard Balford, at your service, my lady." Suddenly, a young boy cut in, his hair and clothes appearing as frazzled as his words.

"Excuse me, Mr. Balford. This is Maeve Freso, she's our new leading lady."

"What?!" Rick and Johnny both yelped. Sonya jumped a bit, but released a dazzling smile that showed of pride and confidence.

"Yes," the stage hand answered. "Mrs. Hess quit to be with her husband, some type of personal matters mind you, so when Miss Freso walked into Mr. Horner's office, BAM! Sparks flew and now she's here to play Lalina," he finished happily. Both men could tell the boy was quite taken with her. Anyway, Rick was quite thrilled that this beautiful new actress was to be working with them. Johnny. on the other hand.

"All right, people, let's go!" the director shouted into his megaphone. "Cage and the new chick, we need you at the elevator scene now!" Sonya's jaw clenched. 'New chick?' She felt herself being tugged away by the stagehand.

"That means you, Miss Freso. Let's get you into makeup and you can glance over your lines." Sonya shrugged and let herself be taken to another set. Johnny followed silently. Next to him, Rick whistled softly.

"Oh, what a sweetie she is. I wonder if she's single." Rick looked sideways at Johnny, who stopped and glared at him. "What?" he asked innocently. Then he cracked a smile and began to stride ahead of him. "Ohhh, I get it. You like her too, eh? But you're taken." Balford glanced over his shoulder. "Pity." He guffawed as he walked to his trailer. Johnny shook his head and walked toward stage 32 for the next scene.

The phone rang a couple times before someone picked up on the other end.


"She's here. Starts working today, apparently. Doing the elevator scene in twenty minutes or so. Want me to get rid of her?"

"No. I want her harmed, but not killed. That's my territory. Get a message to her. Make it clear that she's not wanted here."


Sonya groaned inwardly as the petite redhead fussed with her hair. Again. It was really beginning to piss her off.

"So, anyway, how do you feel knowing you gonna be in a big production?" Her thick New York accent and nasal tones were giving Sonya headache.

"Ecstatic," she said monotone. The hairdresser looked at her funny, then burst into a hysterical fit of laughter.

"Oh my GAHD, you're so funny. I love it when people can do that, you know, that thing with their face, you know? When they can make a joke and be deadly serious? Oh, you're so good at that!" Sonya groaned again. 'If she keeps this up, I'm gonna take hostages.'

"All right, let go! Maeve, my darling, go ahead up to the top story. You know how this scene works, right?" the director spit in her face in his frenzied state. Sonya's face scrunched up, and she delicately wiped the small drops of saliva from her cheek.

"Yeah. Johnny and I talk, we get chased by an extermination squad, we jump into the elevator, the shoot at the wires, and we 'fall' the 60 feet to the bottom."

"Right. Got your lines?"

"I hope."

"Terrific!" The director ran off to get the camera in place, and Sonya began her climb up the six stories to the top platform. Johnny was pacing above.

"I can't believe you're doing this," he hissed at her when the stage crew finished checking for safety and took a crane back down.

"I'm just doing my job, Cage." She smirked suddenly. "Thanks for getting me in." She turned away from his deadly glare. Ten feet away, hovering at the same level on another crane, was Horner and some camera guy.

"All right, you two, you ready? I only want to do this elevator scene once, so get it right!" Johnny and Sonya nodded then faced each other.

"Ready for the movie business, Miss Freso?"

"Lights! Camera! Action!" The two fighters walked down the hallway, Sonya closest to the camera, and obviously steamed.

"I can't believe you blew him off. Are you nuts? He's gonna send people after you, you do realize that, right?"

"I can take care of them."

"This is not the time for arrogant pride, dumbass. These are serious people, and their damn good." They stopped at the elevator. Johnny gave her a heart-stopping smile as he pressed the button.

"I only tell it like it is." Three stunt men in black outfits and helmets ran toward them with fake guns.

"There he is! Aim to kill!" one shouted. Sonya shouted at them to stop, but her voice was cut off by multiple snaps overhead, followed by a loud metallic creaking.

"What the he-" Johnny muttered when there was a terrible groan and the elevator suddenly dropped. Johnny and Sonya jumped back and watched as the large car flew past them with wires wiping around above it. Sonya stared as two cords got caught on the platform and pulled it down.

"Shit!" The metal landing tilted up causing Sonya and Johnny to slip and begin falling. Johnny was able to grab a pipe near him and swing off the grate. Sonya followed suit and reached for one of the bars holding the platform up. In a moment, it was gone, crashing with an echoing screech as it hit the bottom with the now crushed elevator. Sonya breathed heavily and closed her eyes for a second before finding a place to settle her feet. Creak. Sonya looked up. Creeak. The metal pipe she was hanging from was bending. Her eyes went wide and she quickly looked for a place to move when the metal collapsed on itself and snapped off. 'No!'

She fell.
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